PMI Mass Bay Chapter’s 45th Anniversary Celebration!

Our chapter has celebrated its 45-year anniversary in a big way! We were celebrating it at a City Winery – Wine bar with Mediterranean eats, plus an on-site winery, retail shop & acclaimed live music space. Chapter members and non-members joined us in celebration! This event allowed to network with other project managers, get unlimited food, drink, and high-stakes gambling with the purchase of a single ticket. The menu was a mix of American, Mediterranean, and Latin cuisine with a…

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PMI Mass Bay volunteering at GBFB on July1st

PMI Mass Bay had partnered with Greater Boston’s Food Bank to provide a volunteer opportunity for interested members on July 1st. The Boston Food Bank, also known as The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), is a nonprofit organization that serves as a hub for food distribution to a network of hunger-relief agencies in the Greater Boston area. Its mission is to end hunger in eastern Massachusetts by providing a reliable source of nutritious food to those in need. It acquires…

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Good PMs Ignore the Golden Rule

By Mary Loden, PE, PMP, MBA – Principal Consultant Compass Management Consulting, LLC Many of us grew up being taught the Golden Rule – a moral principle that essentially states that one should treat others as one would like to be treated. It is a simple and straightforward rule, but while well intentioned, in my opinion it doesn’t work. This is because people are different, and what one person wants may not be what another person wants. I’m a high…

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Project management skills

3 Ways Project Management Skills Can Help You Succeed in Starting Your Own Business

By Anne Hand, Managing Director, Inlet Partners LLC, Ed. M., PMP I had been freelancing and doing independent consulting on and off for years before finally taking the leap – resigning from my job and registering my LLC, Inlet Partners, in 2022. The idea of starting my own business initially felt too big with too many unknowns to keep track of, but my project management skills gave me the confidence to take the risk. These skills gave me a strong…

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Milestone-Kanban: A Hybrid Project Scheduling Technique

By Alan Zucker; Project Management Essentials, LLC, Coach, Consultant, Instructor & Keynote Speaker. Project Management. Agile & Leadership The Milestone-Kanban Schedule (MKS) is a hybrid project scheduling and management technique that combines traditional and agile best practices. The technique is well-suited for simple and complicated projects where the required deliverables are clear, but the time and effort needed to create them are not. It embraces iterative planning, uses milestones to establish a project roadmap, a Kanban board to manage the…

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