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2021 Election

With the adoption of our new bylaws, there are several key changes to how the upcoming election cycle will be handled: Terms continue to be 2 years in duration.  Terms will change from July 2021-June 2023 to January 2022 – December 2023.   New board members elected this cycle (with voting closing in September 2021) will have the opportunity to join board meetings this year October – December to prepare for their term. The PMI Mass Bay membership will elect candidates…

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Bylaws Update

Hello Members. PMI Global Headquarters (PMI GHQ) asks that chapters review their bylaws periodically (every 10+ years or so) to ensure that the chapter is applying best practice governance structures and processes to benefit the chapter. To that end, the Board of Directors has reviewed the bylaws and has proposed the changes that you can read through by examining the linked Current and Proposed Bylaws documents.  2021 Revised Bylaws 2010 Current Bylaws To aid in your understanding of the changes, we’ve highlighted (in…

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