PM 20/30


Originally titled PM 20/20, we have expanded the goal from 2020 to target improvements in Project Management out to 2030 and re-titled the team PM 20/30

The year 2030 is fast approaching. Are we ready for the estimated 15.7 million new project management roles that will be added globally? That includes an estimated 6.2 million jobs added in the US, with a 30% growth prediction for Healthcare alone. Many recruiters and corporate leaders are reporting that there are not enough qualified project managers in the market to fill this need.

So, are we, as Project Managers ready?

We want to turn this burning question into an interactive PROJECT for the PMI Mass Bay Chapter. In Phase I, through a series of exercises, surveys and polls, we will tackle the most important areas to help us answer this question. In Phase II we will communicate our findings, through articles, chapter presentations, and career path development. We will also use this data to produce programming that is relevant and timely.


The goal of PM 20/30 is to provide Project Managers with the training and tools necessary to be successful in the year 2030 and beyond! This will be achieved by examining the key elements of PM 20/30.

We have identified 5 key elements in Phase I. This data was gathered at PD days and Chapter events in 2016/17.

The five elements include:

  • Methodologies
  • Skill Sets
  • Tools & Technology
  • Education/Certification
  • Burning Issues

So, what’s next and how can I get involved in the Project!

Pilot:  We just completed a pilot survey of Life Sciences companies –Drug Development and Biotechnology companies- in the Greater Boston Area focused on their adoption of Project Management practices. Results of this survey are available on

Summer 2017 started with planning exercises for the surveys and collection methods, processes for storing and analyzing the data, and providing training and templates to the roundtables so they can be successful.

Fall – Winter 2017 we will recruit volunteers from the roundtables and start the surveys. Members of our Roundtable Programs will work together and conduct surveys of other industries based on the 5 key elements of PM 20/30. The first elements selected are Tools and Technology and Methodologies.

Once the survey process has been completed, we will work as a volunteer team to analyze the data and compile it into articles and begin to develop career paths for publication at

In parallel, you will continue to see PM 20/30 representatives collecting data at events and providing recommendations to Professional Development for programming.

So, make sure you stop by one of the PM 20/30 displays and share your thoughts! Your input is needed to expand our professional development programming as we explore the needs of Project Managers in the new economy!

We are just getting started, so keep checking back for new and exciting content updates.

Have a question about PM 20/30 or think you want to volunteer?  Reach out to our VP of Professional Development at 

Professional Development at PMI Mass Bay is dedicated to producing programs that are focused on improving the overall competency base of our Project Management membership to help them be more successful in their careers. Our volunteer team collaborates with membership and corporate leaders to develop a curriculum of offerings that is both relevant and challenging, and that aligns with the needs of the market and the career goals of our members.

In 2017, we began implementing the PM 20/30 program. PM 20/30 focuses the chapter efforts on developing the skills and competencies needed for our PM community to be successful in the year 2030 and beyond. It encourages member and local company participation in our curriculum development process. This collaboration ensures that our programs align with the needs of not only our members but also that of the business community.

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