Corporate & Government Outreach

Corporate & Government Outreach Program

The PMI Mass Bay Chapter’s mission is to advance the profession of project management, and help organizations deliver on critical stakeholder commitments.

“All strategic change happens through projects”

Organizations are seeking project managers with technical knowledge plus skills in leadership and business strategy, competencies that can support strategic initiatives that contribute to competitive position, growth, and profitability.
Our Corporate & Government Outreach Program is chartered to share the benefits derived from the practice of project management, and to be an advocate in promoting the services and resources available from PMI and from our chapter.

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage” Arie de Geus

Our Value Proposition: Create Value | Share Value

  • Contribute to your talent management program with resources, events, training
  • Align our professional development content with your employee skill requirements
  • Pool of experienced project managers across many industries
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate on a charitable initiative with our nonprofit program
  • Leverage our professional development speaker pool
  • Industry and executive networking opportunities
  • Industry, domain, and sector Centers-of-Expertise

Augment Talent Management requirements with our Professional Development program.

  • Monthly professional development events (with input on your business needs)
  • Large local membership of experienced project managers (potential candidates)
  • Leadership development opportunities (for your employees)
  • In-line training resources
  • Mentoring programs for professional credentialing
  • Agile, Leadership, Team Building, Negotiation, Strategy, Influence, Stakeholder Management, and much more!

If you would like to know more or start a dialog on how we can contribute to your organization, please contact our board member responsible for outreach at

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