Academic Outreach

The Mass Bay chapter maintains an on-going commitment to reach out to the many colleges and universities in the Greater Boston and surrounding areas to promote the project management profession and it’s many aspects to faculty and students. We offer our academic partners experienced speakers at no charge for visiting speaking engagements consistent with our mission.

Our mission is to reach out to colleges and universities in our area to:

  • Inform students and faculty about the project management profession and it’s practices
  • Discuss the PMI mission and advocacy of the profession
  • Present the “real-life” challenges faced by project managers across businesses
  • Present the career opportunities available to project managers

Critical to our goal is the recognition that this information should be conveyed within the larger context of the areas the students are discussing in their course curriculum. As a result, we seek to work closely with faculty to relate the issues of project management to the course curricula providing relevance and “real-life” context that can illuminate what the students are learning in a way not possible through study alone.


Our speakers are all seasoned project managers with a wealth of real-life experience they can use to achieve our mission. If you would like to know more about our program, please contact our chapter’s academic program AVP at

Northeastern’s Graduate Program in Project Management offers chapter members who have interest in exploring opportunities for adjunct teaching, the opportunity to attend a current class as an observer for one day followed by an opportunity to present to the class at a subsequent date. This is a great opportunity for experienced members to engage with a local university and explore professional development opportunties in teaching. Please contact our AVP, Academic Outreach for more information and introductions (email above).


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