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Q. To which category do the earned PDUs apply?

Mentors and Mentees are individually responsible for identifying the appropriate category for each of the 12 PDUs earned during the one-on-one mentoring sessions. These PDUs can be allocated as technical, leadership, strategic, or giving back, depending on the nature of the mentoring engagement. The 6 additional PDUs earned during the group sessions will be allocated these categories in keeping with the topics covered during those meetings.
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Q. For which year will I be able to claim PDUs?

DUs are awarded at the end of the program. Thus, the PDUs will have a date of April 27, 2019 and will count for the certification cycle active on that date. Note: If you earn more than the required PDUs in your CCR cycle, you may apply the following amounts of PDUs to your next certification/CCR cycle. Only PDUs earned in the third year of your certification cycle can be transferred.
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