Special Offers

These special limited offers are provided by chapter sponsors and supporters exclusively for our members.

Please contact our VP, Business Development & Outreach for more information on these offers or how to add your own offer to this list.

William George Associates

We have partnered with William George Associates to provide training options to suit your needs at very competitive rates-this is exclusive pricing for PMI Mass Bay Members. Please take advantage of these PMI PDU accredited course offerings that are effective immediately.

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Suffolk University – PM Course

This intensive 13-week course introduces applied project management content, experiential activities, and a capstone project design in the context of today’s complex, high-pressure work environment. This course is taught in a collaborative environment with graduate students and professionals. It is uniquely designed to develop the management skills to make disparate groups gel, produce quickly, and convert strategy into action.

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Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School EMBA

PMI Mass Bay Chapter members are now eligible for a $10,000 Corporate Scholar Award toward an Executive-MBA through a partnership with Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School. About the Executive MBA An accelerated, 16-month MBA program delivered on Saturdays with a focus on leadership skills for mid-career professionals Designed for experienced mid-career professionals with at least seven years of work experience (GMAT not required). Includes four travel seminars in leadership, team building, public policy, and global strategy, three domestic, one international.…

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