LIMAs a PMI member you know our organization is all about professional development. PMI is also about bringing people together. Each year PMI organizes a variety of major events to connect practitioners, educators, industry leaders and volunteer leadership.

Some of these events include Seminars World, the Global Congresses; and this week, the Leadership Institute Meeting or LIM will kick off in Philadelphia. LIM is a leadership summit that brings together nearly 3000 chapter leaders (all volunteers) from around the world. Every year, the Mass Bay Chapter invests in sending several individuals to the event where they learn about chapter management best practices, emerging trends, new programs and most importantly, strategies to develop the pipeline of future volunteer leadership.

This year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of PMI, LIM is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – PMI’s home city. I expect some celebrations as well as exciting announcements about strategic changes PMI is focused on as we embark on our next 50 years. There have already been significant changes to some programs such as PMIef (our academic scholarship program), a new president, and the acquisitions of Disciplined Agile & FLEX. Rumor also has it, we may see new PMI branding and we expect engaging conversations around a new direction and new goals for the profession.

One of the big PMI 50th Anniversary event celebrations will be in recognition of the overwhelming response of local PMI chapters whose members generously donated time to local community organizations. The initial call was for 50,000 hours and this was eclipsed with over 100,000 hours pledged globally. Clearly, volunteering is part of our culture.

Perhaps you’re interested in volunteering with us? Becoming a volunteer is easy and we have opportunities for people at all points in their career. Lend your expertise and shape rising leaders, or build invaluable experience and develop your own career; if you have passion for project management, we want to hear from you. Open leadership roles include: Conference Event Manager, Associate Vice President of Speakers, and Volunteer Coordinator.

We hope to see you at a future event. The Mass Bay Chapter is planning to celebrate the 50th too! Keep an eye on the Event Schedule for a special social event in early December at Muse at Assembly Row.