A great facilitator becomes the glue that holds and shapes the group together.  Without a great facilitator, millions of dollars a day are wasted.  In this session, we will review some of the basic foundation level tools as they apply to virtual events and cover things like “popcorn”, “ouch”, “argh” and the skill of respectfully interrupting. In the virtual world facilitating requires more upfront planning and a more proactive and vocal role by the facilitator. The goal is to create sustainable, interactive and trusting environments though creating positive interactions and engagement.   Regardless if you use Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Skype the content is platform independent.
In this webinar you will learn:
  • The five best practices for leading virtual teams
  • The four foundational tool that support outcomes
  • 14 facilitation tips that promote interaction
  • A three step process for Respectful interrupting

Earn 1 PDU (Leadership) for this event.

Our Presenter

Star Dargin is the CEO of Star Leadership, in which she incorporates over twenty years of proven corporate leadership experience into her successful coaching and speaking business. She specializes in helping middle managers become confident leaders and achieve their professional goals. She delivers results with a direct bottom-line approach. Star Leadership offers coaching, training, and consulting services for businesses. Our focus is mid-level managers and leaders, focusing on the delivery of measurable goals and results in the areas of communication, leadership, and teams. She is the author of a book called, Leading with Gratitude: 21st Century Solutions to Boost Engagement and Innovation. She’s also a retired project manager, who spends her time reflecting on what went right and wrong by writing, teaching, and coaching about it.

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**Organizer’s Note: This event is part of our Giving Back Program, a community consulting initiative created to provide free business resources to community groups coping with the implications of the public health crisis.

Anyone working to facilitate remote collaboration will love this training. Our presenter has significant experience working in both commercial and nonprofit settings and brings a thoughtful perspective to this training. This is a no-cost training for anyone working for, or supporting nonprofits. Learn more about how we can help: www.givingback.pmimassbay.org **