Teamwork makes the dream work

-John C. Maxwell

Welcome to the PMI MASS Bay blog page! In the launching series, we focus on the most important and the secret ingredient for all successful projects-teamwork. We are excited to introduce you to the team of this month-our marketing team, and taking the lead is our adorable and ambitious young director – Nikhil Deshpande, who “wishes to have Batman’s power so that I can ride the Batcycle” in his own words. 

Nikhil Deshpande, PMP®, SAFe 5 Agilist®, MBA, MS

As a young professional, Nik is currently pursuing his master’s degree in project management at Northeastern University. However, the project management world is not new to him. He has a substantial amount of management experience in a variety of fields, including sales, marketing, and operations. As an experienced project manager, he has been involved in the entire project life cycle, from project initiation to final product evaluation and optimization. Over the years, Nik has developed his unique perspectives of being a good leader-

Lead from the front, take responsibility and accountability. Efforts are applauded not just results”.

However, Nik’s dream is bigger, and he is ready to take on new challenges! The next stop for Nik is to become a business analyst in Consulting, and he is creating innovative strategies to integrate his project management skills with his business analytical skillset to achieve what the PMI brand emphasizes-“Making project management indispensable for business results”. Indeed, every project is initiated to satisfy the business needs, and successful achievement of the business needs evaluates the delivery of the project. Therefore, our marketing team is constantly evaluating the needs of the current status of the chapter, iterating, and tailoring the best marketing plan. As our director, Nik is leading us in the right strategic direction, and we are all looking forward to the creative business analytical skills he brings to the table.

As a team leader, not only Nik inspires us with his personal charisma, his fun journey to all the beautiful places around the world always amazes the team. He has visited Maharashtra’s, Goa’s, and Karnataka’s coastlines (India), rode on the National Highway circuit connecting Mumbai (West), Delhi (North), Kolkata (East), Kanyakumari (South), and Mumbai (West), and trekked almost the entire western ghat (UNESCO World Heritage Site in Maharashtra, India) and most of Maharashtra’s major forts. Out of curiosity and “jealousy”-the team is requesting a team-building trip from this traveling expert-

Enjoying some cold beer with a bunch of friends on top of a mountain with the beautiful sunset may not be a bad idea to celebrate the completion of our next milestone”.

It is our great pleasure to have Nik on the team. We like his teamwork attitude and professional ethics. We have no doubt Nik will succeed in his career and exceed all expectations. With his insights and guidance, we believe we can make the dream of our chapter come true!