Welcome to 2021! The team at PMI Mass Bay has been working for months to develop a calendar of informative and interesting chapter events for the new year. Read on to learn about our approach to creating this year’s curriculum.

Curriculum planning started with an analysis of our member base to determine areas of interest, so that we could make sure our speakers will cover topics that our members have requested. We evaluated market trends and recertification requirements, and monitored distribution of offerings across the talent triangle. The result is a planned program for 2021 that should offer a well-rounded variety of topics, specially targeted for the needs of PMI MassBay’s members.

As a result of our member base analysis, we made some interesting discoveries that informed the planning for this year’s curriculum:

  • Many of the current members have joined recently, while there is another (smaller) group that have retained membership for over 13 years. As a result, our curriculum aims to be relevant for PMs at all points in their career, while also catering some content to new PMs.
  • There is strong interest among PMI MassBay members in topics related to Agile. Other popular topics include career development, portfolio management, disaster recovery, and soft skills.
  • Members come from a wide variety of industries, with the best represented industries being IT, healthcare, pharma, and financial services.

We hope to see you soon at a PMI Mass Bay chapter meeting, and anticipate that you will find this year’s events to be engaging and educational.

Georgia Treibick, PMP, Director of Curriculum