Hosted at the elegant space of II Massimo on June 27, 2024, our chapter’s another sold-out networking event promised an evening of forging connections, sharing insights, and celebrating professional growth for over 40 participants. 2 PDUs have been awarded to participants’ CCRS dashboards. However, the conversations are still reverberated and echo the topics, challenges, and questions on the participants’ minds. Whether you are a student, a young professional, or a seasoned professional, the atmosphere was charged with new opportunities and meaningful exchanges.

The event was facilitated by Greg Paul, our chapter’s VP of Operations. The participants were structurally grouped around four tables. On each table. participants were paired up for one-on- one conversations with others. After the light was flashing, participants changed to another table and started new conversations. By the end of 2 hours, each participant had 4 rounds of table conversation met at least 12 new people and gained different perspectives on the topics discussed.

Here is a glimpse into the challenges and questions that unfolded:

1. I am a veteran project manager; I want to meet some people familiar with artificial intelligence applications in project management and get to know more.

2. I am a project manager and just moved to the Boston area; I want to meet people here andcapture the insights of the local industries.

3. I have been working for my job in Boston for a couple of years; I want to know how to get out of it and reach out to new opportunities.

4. I am a university student studying project management; I want to know more about the project management institute and the chapter and how to prepare for the career.5. I am not a project manager, but I have heard of project management, and I want to delve into this sector and explore potential collaborations.

The magic is there were no icebreaking moments throughout the event. Participants immediately engaged in candid and captivated conversations throughout the event that echoed their trust and rewards to our efforts in creating a welcomed atmosphere where you can ask any questions at low risk.

As the buzz has settled, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended, supported, and volunteered for our events. Check our gallery and learn more. Don’t miss out on our next in-person events.

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