After careful consideration, the Nomination Committee presents the following candidates for the 2020 Board of Directors Election.

In alphabetical order, the candidates are:

Executive Vice President

Mr. Phil Cartagena [Candidate Statement]
Mr. Valdery Moura Jr. [Candidate Statement]

Vice President of Professional Development

Mr. Greg Paul [Candidate Statement]

Vice President of Volunteers

DJ Khanmamedov [Candidate Statement]

Vice President of Finance

No Candidate


Election Schedule

  1. Voting period is open for 30 days to all members starting on April 1 , 2020.
  2. Election Results will be announced online in early May. New Directors will be introduced to members at the May Chapter Meeting.

Voting Information

PMI GHQ manages the balloting process to ensure accuracy and impartiality.

After nominations are reviewed and candidates are selected, the candidate bio and statement is posted on the Chapter website for 30 days and sent to GHQ to create the electronic ballot. Members have the opportunity to connect with candidates in person at chapter events, or on social media, if desired.

On or about April 1, members will be emailed an official, personal ballot to the preferred contact email on-file with If you haven’t received a ballot on April 1 please:

Check you junk folder,

Confirm your email address at

Email with your PMI ID if you haven’t received it.

Votes are confidential and the process is managed by PMI GHQ.

PMI GHQ will inform the elections committee (Made up of past chapter leaders) of the election results. 

The Elections Committee will announce the winners publicly.