The 2022 board of directors election is upon us. Beginning today, the 30-day election nomination period is open.

Are you interested in joining Chapter leadership? As a member of our board of directors you’ll oversee operations, have a voice in our professional development programing, and take part in shaping the future of our organization.

Submit Your Nomination

Below you will find details about serving on the board and additional information about the election process.

Responsibilities for all Board Members:

  • Contribute approximately 10-20 hours per month 
  • Engage in operational work and projects within your specific functional area. 
  • Attend monthly board meetings (Virtual)
  • Attend chapter programming. (In-person and virtual)
  • Attend semi-annual planning retreats. (In-person)
  • Participation in annual PMI leadership conferences in the spring and fall are recommended. Region Three Leadership Summit and the Leadership Institute Meeting.
  • Actively coach and develop chapter volunteers for leadership roles. 

Nomination Candidate Qualifications 

  1. To be eligible to be placed on the election ballot as a nominee, candidates shall be Chapter members in good standing for at least one (1) year, preferably hold at least one (1) current PMI professional designation, and must agree to serve if elected. 
  2. Candidates shall have been actively involved as a chapter volunteer within the last twelve (12) months in a leadership position (Program/Project Manager, AVP, etc.); active involvement is defined as a minimum of six (6) continuous months of service. If a prospective nominee does not meet this minimum involvement criteria, he or she can submit a petition for nomination to the Nominations Committee per Section 1.2.5. The Nominations Committee reserves the right to exclude candidates who do not meet this involvement criteria.
  3. Each candidate shall also possess and be evaluated by the Nominations Committee against the following set of expected characteristics:
    • An appreciation of the value of the profession served by PMI: The candidate has a good understanding of the profession served by PMI, along with PMI’s Strategic Plan and the vision and mission of the Chapter;
    • The candidate can help formulate a future vision for an organization and can help to describe a strategy to achieve it, can identify and understand strategic risks and offer strategic guidance for resolving them, and has the capacity to provide a strategic perspective while leading a volunteer team to execute the operational details;
    • The willingness and ability to serve others: The candidate possesses passion and energy to understand and respond to the needs of others in an open, honest, humble, and altruistic manner, has actively participated in achieving constructive outcomes for others without regard to personal benefit, and has a strong interest in working on the advancement of PMI, its stakeholders, and the profession;
    • Must have excellent team leadership skills and be a proven team player. 
  4. Each candidate shall possess qualifications, as described in the Board Role job description, for the available board roles.

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Election Schedule 

  • 5/10/22 – 6/9/22 Nomination Period (30 Days) 
  • 6/10/22 – 7/17/22 Candidate Vetting Period (21 days)
  • 7/18/22 – 8/7/22   Candidate Promotion Period 
  • 8/15/22 – 9/15/22 Election voting period (30 days)
  • 9/18/22 Election results are announced
  • 1/1/2023 New board term begins

If you have questions about serving on the board or the election process itself please contact the Election Committee Chairperson, Chet Lang