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The PMI Mass Bay Chapter provides opportunities for our members to study together for the PMI certification exams.  We are always looking into new and innovative ways to facilitate group study, whether it be in-person meetings studygrp.jpgor online communities.

Recent PMPs volunteer to facilitate study groups and provide guidance to participants with study tips, memorizationtechniques, and test taking tips. PMP facilitators and students that have participated in the Study Group program have provided valuable input to improve our study group approach and techniques. The consensus is that the friendly atmosphere and teamwork of the Study Group eases the hard work of preparing for the exam while providing an inspirational experiences drawing upon the success of others.


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  • Maximum of eight (8) members per study group.
  • Meet once a week.
  • Facilitators provided when available.
  • Participants take turns leading the discussion sessions under the guidance of the PMP facilitator.
  • Study group participants should be committed to pass the PMP exam.
  • Each participant should be expected to allocate at least 4-8 hours per week to reading materials, memorizing, and taking practice tests.
  • Be able to attend at least 80% of the study group meetings.



Why Join the Study Group?

  • Sponsored by the Mass Bay Chapter of PMI.
  • Low-cost/no-cost alternative to commercial preparation courses.
  • Study for your PMP exam with fellow Chapter members.
  • Reinforce your own learning by coaching others.

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Eligibility for the PMP Exam:

For details regarding the application requirements, please visit PMI PMP Exam Eligibility Requirements.

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