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Everyone networks. They ask friends for a referral to a trusted doctor or dry cleaner or about the best and latest mp3 player. For those seeking career development or employment opportunities, networking is not about asking for a job, but seeking information or a trusted referral to someone in a particular organization who has that information.

The PMI Mass Bay Project Management Career Connections (PMCC) team was the first to recognize the value members gain from networking at chapter meetings and decided to take it a step further. What if you could identify a chapter member before the meeting and arrange to meet them there?  Perhaps you can't make it to the meeting and would like to talk to someone about working in a target company or about contracting a particular recruitment firm.

PMI Mass Bay considers membership names, contact information, employment and other details to be private and safeguards this information for our members.   But what if the chapter could provide a tool that gave members interested in networking the ability to opt-in and share with each other in a secure web based environment?

The Chapter has identified LinkedIn ( as such an environment. LinkedIn is an online networking tool used by over 3.4 million professionals worldwide.  Access is free and you select what information to share and with whom. Although anyone can sign up as an individual, only our members can opt-in to the new PMI Mass Bay Group hosted by LinkedIn.

Members can join the LinkedIn PMI Mass Bay Group by following this link:


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